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Building Department
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Building Commissioner
Inspector of Wires
Plumbing & Gas Inspector
PO Box 429
577 Bay Road
Hamilton, MA 01936
Please see below for additional links and Information about what is required when submitting an application.
Temporary Office Hours 9 AM - 1 PM

Applications are available on this web page and at the Hamilton Town Hall during the regular business hours of the Town Hall, 577 Bay Road, second floor, 8 AM - 4:30 PM.
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Mary-Ellen L. Feener
Administrative Assistant
The mission of the Inspections and Zoning Enforcement Department is to contribute to the protection of the public and the unique character of Hamilton through the enforcement of building codes and zoning bylaws by incorporating the following principles.Customer Service: Strive each day to efficiently, effectively, and courteously respond to each customer, both internal and external. Legal Compliance: Comply with local, state and federal laws by ensuring that public and private buildings are constructed or changed in accordance with all bylaws and relevant state and federal laws.


All forms/applications may be found on this web site or by visiting Town Hall during the regular hours of business.

Please expect a minium of 3-5 business days to begin work/obtain a Job Card,  if it is determined that your Building Permit Application may need review/approval by other Boards, Commissions, Agents etc.

Building Permit fees are found within the application packet. There are seperate lists for fees for both Plumbing/Gas and Electrical Permits.

Please do not mail or leave at Town Hall applications with checks that do not have the amount of the fee written on the check.

For Electrical Applications you must present a copy of your current license.

For Building Permit Applications, Sheet Metal Applications, and Applications for Roofing, Siding Windows Only, you must provide:
  • A copy of your current license
  • A copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • If you have the Certificate faxed to this department please make sure the insurance company indicates the address of the property where you will be doing work when they fax the Certificate.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Affidavit: General Business Form
  • You must complete this form even if you are a Homeowner doing the work yourself
If you need to determine the Map, Lot and Zone of the property you may visit the Assessor’s Department or the Town web page, where you can access the assessment records. (Map and Lot at top of record, Zoning District towards the bottom of the first page)

When you are ready to have work inspected by one of the Inspectors:
  • For the Electrical Inspector you will call the office to schedule an appointment. The Inspector typically does inspections on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3 PM – 5 PM.
  • For the Building Inspector you will call the office to schedule an appointment. The Inspector typically does inspections on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 AM – NOON/ as needed on that day.
  • For the Plumbing Inspector you will call the Inspector directly. The Inspector typically does inspections in the evenings. Kevin Dash, Plumbing & Gas Inspector Telephone Number: 978-423-2061.

Town of Hamilton, 577 Bay Road, Hamilton, MA 01936   FAX: (978) 468-2682