Town of Hamilton Cell Tower Update

The Town of Hamilton is pleased to announce that, after years of waiting, the Town’s new cell tower is almost ready for construction! A memorandum of agreement has been signed by the Town, Everest Infrastructure, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Hamilton Historic District Commission, stipulating that Everest provide funds to mitigate the visual impact of the tower from Bay Road. We are still waiting on a signature from the MA State Historic Preservation Office, but, once SHPO signs and a directive is issued by the FCC, the next step is for Everest to pull permits and begin construction.

Here are some quick facts about the project:

  • The 109-foot stealth self-supporting monopole tower will be built in the Town’s DPW Yard, approximately 300 feet from the back of Town Hall
  • Everest Infrastructure is providing $30,000 to pay for two large trees to screen the view of the tower from Bay Road
  • Although the timing of this project coincides with the Special Town Meeting vote for the Town Hall renovation, these are separate projects that have no impact on one another
  • This project will not only result in major improvements in cell reception, but will also generate revenue for the Town