Fire Department Approval: If necessary, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure one set of the plans submitted were approved by the Fire Department if it was deemed a necessary approval by the Building Inspector.  If a dumpster is going to be left on site you will need to have the appropriate form approved by the Fire Department. It does not need to be included with the Building Permit Application.

All Building Permit Applications may be mailed via regular mail or dropped off at Town Hall in a clearly marked envelope in the drop off box in the second floor hallway or in the drop off box outside of the building (to the left at the end of the handicap accessible ramp when facing the building). 

Depending on the scope of the proposed construction the Building Inspector may require a Certified Plot Plan.

For Building Permit Applications: At the end of the Building Permit Application is a Checklist which lists the documents/information which must be submitted along with two sets of plans. The Building Department will circulate the application for the necessary approvals of other Town Departments.

Building Permit Application with Checklist⇒

Building Permit Applications Fee Schedule⇒

Why do I need a Permit for a permanent generator – See attached code

Mechanical & Generator Application

Mechanical Generator Checklist ⇒

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit Form⇒

Homeowners Form to be done if homeowner is doing construction themselves⇒

National Grid Demolition Form⇒

Demolition Application to be accompanied by a Building Permit Application ⇒

Sheet Metal Application ⇒

Tents and Other Membrane Structures Fire Code

Building; Pool Code

Rubbish Container Form – to be signed by Fire Department⇒

Home Improvement Sample Contract for Contractors⇒

Complaint Form

Table of Dimensional Requirements – Zoning – Required Setbacks⇒