The Hamilton Board of Selectmen needs your input: What do you love about the Town of Hamilton? What would you like to change? Why did you choose to live here? What makes Hamilton a special place for you? How can we work together to make Hamilton even better?

Each year the Board of Selectmen, members of volunteer boards and committees, town staff and Town Meeting attendees work to answer these questions for the upcoming year, but frankly, that is not enough. In order to balance the idyllic and bucolic nature of our town against the ever changing environment around us and to continue delivering quality services to residents, it is critical to have a consensus for how the entire community wants to move forward.

This year, the Town will begin a 12-15 month master planning process that is designed to help articulate a vision for the Town of Hamilton for the next 25 years. This plan will include strategies for achieving that vision in five-year increments moving forward. To create a vision that suits the entire population, we need public input and information about what you value in Hamilton and what changes you would like to see.

The Board of Selectmen is currently accepting applications for residents to be part of a Master Plan Steering Committee, which will work with the professional planning consultant hired by the Town to develop the Master Plan for Hamilton’s future. This committee will likely need to meet at least once per month,  and will be charged with working with the consultant to ensure as much public input as possible and vet all perspectives that come forward. The planning process will require people who can advocate for their positions and are tolerant of differing or even opposing views. To maintain the character and integrity of the town, the community as a whole must engage in this year long discussion, and that discussion needs voices to lead it.

Would you be willing to dedicate some of your time to help Hamilton plan its future? If so, please fill out a Board/Committee Application and return it to [email protected]. The Board of Selectmen will review the applications submitted and make appointments at a future Selectmen meeting.