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By gathering people in a meaningful way, the Town will continue to support the work of preserving the historic Patton Homestead and protecting this ecological gem!




In 2012, the Patton Family gifted the 28 acre parcel and historic home to The Town of Hamilton. The Patton Homestead was home to the Patton family starting in 1928, and it was notably home to the great General George S. Patton Jr. (1885 – 1945), the commander who had led the Third Army to victory in World War II, and his son, Major General George S. Patton (1923-2004) along with his wife Joanne Holbrook Patton (1931- 2023).

On the farm once known as Green Meadows, George and Joanne raised five children and made a lasting impression on their country and local community. They are of course world renown for heroic military contributions over the course of several generations, but it was through Joanne’s dedication to the Hamilton-Wenham community and involvement in a multitude of civic endeavors, that the family is beloved by the Town.

Now that the Patton Homestead is owned and operated by the Town of Hamilton, the grounds are open to the public. People are encouraged to come for recreation, positive community engagement and to host inclusive gatherings for all. 

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Free parking is available in the gravel lot.


Holly Erickson, Director
Now working for the Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Department, Holly manages public offerings, as well as private event inquiries. She continues to liaise for the Town of Hamilton between the Wenham Museum, the Hamilton Historical Society and Friends of the Patton Homestead, Inc., and manages day to day property needs. Please contact Holly here for grounds rental, cultural or educational program ideas, or general property information.
*** In addition to being the temporary location for the Hamilton Town Hall, the house is occupied by the Hamilton Historical Society and the Wenham Museum’s Patton Family Archive. Please scroll down for how to contact these organizations.



In May 2023, MCC approved the Patton Homestead for an $87k matching Facilities Grant towards building a covered structure which will aid cultural events & programs. While matching funds for the grant are still  being raised, Hamilton’s Select Board has taken the momentous step to posthumously name the pavilion after Joanne Patton in honor of Joanne’s devotion to strengthening the community.

The Purpose for the Joanne Holbrook Patton Pavilion:

In 2012 Joanne Patton (b.1931- d.2023) gifted a 28 acre parcel of land to the Town of Hamilton in the hope of protecting the property for all to enjoy and to provide a place where the community could grow through public engagement and cultural enrichment. With the addition of the new “Joanne Holbrook Patton Pavilion” the Town will not only memorialize a woman who made such a positive impact on the Town, but it will also create a reliable gathering space to bring Joanne’s vision to life. 

NOW we need YOU to help the Town match the grant! Make a contribution to the Patton Homestead Cultural Pavilion which will provide reliable shelter for events and programs. 

Give a donation of any amount to support the NEW PAVILION!

THANK YOU Mass Cultural Council! The Patton Homestead has been approved for up to $87k toward funding a NEW CULTURAL PAVILION, but we need to match these funds to secure the grant! Please consider a gift in any amount to fund this project. The non-profit, Friends of the Patton Homestead, Inc., who collaborated with the Town to write the grant, are accepting contributions. Click here to learn more!

Learn more about their organization by visiting www.massculturalcouncil.org



The Patton Homestead offers access to the Ipswich River and neighboring Essex County Greenbelt trails. The grounds are open to the public for recreation and gatherings year-round.

The Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Department will be offering sports, art and nature programs at the Patton Homestead! Go to the H-W Rec Department website to see what is happening! Please refer to the Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Department’s website here for up to date program offerings.




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Public Events are a way for the Town of Hamilton to give back to the community as well as promote the awareness and conservation of this beautiful property. We invite you to visit this historic property for this seasons lineup of public events as well as recreation and leisure in your free time! 


THANK YOU to all who supported the SPRING 2024 SUNSET MUSIC SERIES!

*Stay tuned for upcoming events

Sunset Music Series is FREE for all. Donations are always appreciated for those who would like to support live music at the Patton Homestead. 


The Patton Homestead is an ideal location to host your next event! Email us here to learn more about availability and to secure your date TODAY.

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*Grounds only with a rain date included in the rental fee!



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Hamilton Wenham Library Book Club at the Patton Homestead:

See you in 2025

*** Join HW Public Library for the Summer Book Club;  first Tuesday of each month from 3-4pm. More information, click here

Friends of the Patton Homestead, Inc.

Please visit www.pattonhomestead.org to learn more about Friends of the Patton Homestead

Patton Family Archives, Operated by the Wenham Museum
Contact the Wenham Museum to schedule tours of the Patton Family Archives
Hamilton Historical Society
The Hamilton Historical Society is housed in the north wing of the Patton Homestead.

Click here for the Hamilton Historical Society access and information.

Address & Hours
650 Asbury Street
Hamilton, MA 01982
The grounds are open sunrise to sunset for public recreation, unless closed for a private function.