Hamilton provides curbside pickup of Trash, Organic Waste, and Recycling. We also provide ways to recycle/dispose of Yard Waste, Textiles, and Hazardous Waste.

Reminder to all Residents about Trash and Compost Collection
 Residents will receive an orange violation sticker and trash will not be taken if:
1. The mandatory green compost bin must remain out with the black trash bin in order for the trash to be picked up. If the compost has been collected before the trash, do not remove the green bin from the curb until all trash has been taken.
2.  The lid on the black trash bin must be able close in order to avoid overflow aka(snow coning).  Blue bags must be purchased for excess trash.
Leaf pick up dates for 2024
Saturday, May 25, Saturday, October 26th and Saturday, December 07. 
Please have paper bags or loose leaf trash containers out by 7:00 a.m.
Please click the links below for detailed information.

Organic Waste Program

Recycling Information

 Plastics: What’s Recyclable, What becomes trash and why…..

Textile Recycling

Tonnage Solid Waste 2019-present

 2024 Trash Calendar

E- Waste Day 3rd Saturday of Month click here for fees *Fee must be paid by check

Yard Waste Information

Beyond the Bin – Directory for recycling and reuse outlets for household items that can’t be recycled in our weekly pickup.

Problems with Your Pick-up?

If you are experiencing problems with the pick-up at your house, or are uncertain why a particular item was not picked up, please contact Casella at 978-548-4427 or the DPW Office at 978-626-5227.