Hamilton Police Facebook Terms of Use Policy

Hamilton MA Police Department Facebook Terms of Use **Updated as of July 6, 2022**   This is the official Facebook page of the Hamilton, MA Police Department in Hamilton, MA. This page was created to provide people who live and work in Hamilton, MA or others with an interest in the Hamilton Police Department, access … Continued

Campaign Finance Reports

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) is responsible for administering Massachusetts General Law Chapter 55, the campaign finance law.  OCPF’s primary mission is to ensure that accurate and complete disclosure of campaign finance activity by those involved in the electoral process is available in a transparent, easily accessible and timely manner and … Continued

Silver Alert Program

The Silver Alert Program provides support to family members caring for adults afflicted with serious memory impairments such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease who are “At Risk” for wandering. The Silver Alert Program provides the Hamilton Police Department with vital information about potential “At Risk” residents in the Town who may wander, or have the … Continued

Autism-Disability Outreach Program

Autism-Disability Outreach Program       The Autism-Disability Outreach Program is an initiative of the Hamilton and Wenham Police Department that offers members of our communities to voluntarily and confidentially identify individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or their disability who live, work or attend school in our communities. Our purpose is to promote communication … Continued

Community Electricity

About Hamilton Community Choice Aggregation Program Hamilton Community Choice Aggregation is an electricity supply program offered by the Town of Hamilton to provide residents and businesses with new, Town-vetted options for electricity supply. National Grid continues to deliver your electricity, repair power outages, and maintain the electricity grid; they also send you one bill for … Continued