Questions and Answers about the Program Renewal:

Q. When will participants be notified?

A. The mailer will be sent to all program participants in early November. National Grid will announce its upcoming Winter prices soon (Eversource will announce theirs later in November). While we want interested residents to be able to access information about our prices now, we try to avoid comparison against utility prices that will soon be obsolete.

Q. Is everyone transitioned automatically?

A. Those receiving the municipality’s default product Standard or the Basic product will automatically receive the new rate unless they elect otherwise. But, per DPU rules, those receiving an “opt-up” product, either 50% or 100% renewable, must be notified that they must re-enroll in the program or be returned to utility Basic Service. In sum, the overwhelming majority of your community will automatically receive the new prices, but a small percentage (less than 5%) will need to re-enroll.

Q. How do we notify the 50% and 100% participants?

A.  Each of these participants will receive a letter notifying them of the change in pricing and that they must affirmatively re-enroll in the program or be returned to Basic Service. In addition, Good Energy has email addresses for most of the 50% and 100% participants, so we will send multiple email alerts as well. Our goal is to alert these customers through multiple channels of their need to re-enroll. If your City or Energy Committee is interested in helping us contact some of these participants directly, we can share the list of participants and would appreciate any help you can provide. As with general community outreach, outreach to the 50% and 100% will be timed for late October.