Applications & Fee Schedules


Please carefully read the instructions regarding how to submit an application or schedule an inspection:  Building Inspections: call 978-626-5250. Electrical Inspections: Monday – Thursday 3 – 5 PM: call 978-626-5250, Plumbing & Gas Fitting Inspections: weekday evenings (call 978-423-2061).

All Building Permit Applications may be mailed via regular mail/Fedex etc. or dropped off at Town Hall in a clearly marked envelope in the drop off box in the second floor hallway or in the drop off box outside of the building (to the left at the end of the handicap accessible ramp when facing the building). Electrical, Plumbing or Gas Fitting Applications that are associated with a Building Permit: please contact the office for the required fee or contact the contractor to find out the Total Construction Cost as listed on the approved Building Permit Application. The fee is $4.00 per $1,000 of TCC for Plumbing (and additional $125 for Gas Fitting if submitting both) and $5.00 per $1,000 of the TCC for electrical. A list of fees may be found on the web page under Applications & Fee Schedules. If the Building Department has not received a Building Permit Application then we cannot accept the other applications. All applications with blank checks will be returned and inspections will not occur.  

If you are a Licensed Electrician and you are dealing with a property which has an Emergency situation and the Hamilton Town Hall is not open, please email the Interim Electrical Inspector directly Denis Curran or contact the Emergency Communications Center: 9-1-1 (Emergency) 978-468-4421 (Non-Emergency). If you are a homeowner with an emergency, please immediately contact the Emergency Communications Center 9-1-1.

For Building Permit Applications: At the end of the Building Permit Application is a Checklist which lists the documents/information which must be submitted along with two sets of plans. The Building Department will circulate the application for the necessary approvals of other Town Departments.

Fire Department Approval: If necessary, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure one set of the plans submitted were approved by the Fire Department if it was deemed a necessary approval by the Building Inspector.  If a dumpster is going to be left on site you will need to have the appropriate form approved by the Fire Department. It does not need to be included with the Building Permit Application.

Depending on the scope of the proposed construction the Building Inspector may require a Certified Plot Plan.



Name Contact
Mary-Ellen L. Feener Office 978-626-5250
Richard Maloney Building Commissioner 978-626-5246
Denis Curran Electrical Inspector 978-626-5250
Kevin Dash Plumbing & Gas Fitting Inspector 978-423-2061