Welcome to the Energy Page for the Town of Hamilton!  Hamilton received designation as one of the first Green Communities by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) in 2010.  After a number of years using outside consultants to manage energy efficiency projects, the Town applied for and was ultimately awarded a grant also through DOER to hire a part-time Energy Manager in 2014.  The position is shared with the Town of Wenham, another Green Community.
The Energy Manager is responsible for continually measuring and monitoring the comprehensive energy use at all municipal facilities.  This data allows the Energy Manager to measure the performance of previously completed energy efficiency projects, and identify opportunities for future projects.  The Energy Manager also serves as a liaison between municipal departments including Police, Fire, Public Works, Facilities, and the Hamilton Wenham School District (HWRSD) to facilitate energy projects.  Finally, the Energy Manager serves as a primary contact point for state agencies on energy grant programs and other energy initiatives.