FY 2024 Tax Rate$15.11

The function of the Treasurer/Collector’s Office is to receive and invest all money belonging to the Town and to pay and account for the same according to the order of the Town or of its authorized officers. The Treasurer/Collector’s Office also pays the bills of the Town’s departments. The Treasurer/Collector also is responsible for the collection of taxes, accounts receivable, and processing payments for the water department. In addition, the Treasurer/Collector must make an annual accounting for all receipts and disbursements and the report on their official acts.


The Drop Box from Town Hall has been moved!

The Drop Box from Town Hall has been set up in the parking area of the COA.

Please pull into the COA parking area, turn right, right again, and then you can pull directly up to the drop box.


Now View Real Estate, Personal Property Tax, and Water Bills Online!

Follow these instructions on how to view your Real Estate or Personal Property Tax bills online:

  1. On the Town of Hamilton’s website, choose Quicklinks, then choose Pay Bills.
  2. Click on the Real Estate Tax box, then click on the Unipay link.
  3. Once you are at Unipay, choose Real Estate or Personal Property, then enter in your bill number and the fiscal year of the bill.  If you don’t have the bill number click on “search for your bill” to find your bill and choose Continue. 
  4. At the bottom of the page, click on View Bills. Next to the parcel ID “Bills” will pop up – click inside the box.
  5. It will ask if you want to leave this page – click OK. Then your bill will appear!

 Starting with this bill – Unipay will start to accumulate your bill images.  So eventually you will be able to look back at previous bills for up to 18 months!  






Frequently Asked Questions

The Collector’s office accepts two online payment options:

A. For a same-day credit for bill payments, the Town offers online payments through the Town’s website

Residents then will have two payment options available until the due date. They can make payments free of charge through electronic ACH transactions from their own bank accounts or pay by credit card, which are subject to credit card fees. This will ensure that your payments are paid and posted the same day you make your payment.

B) The other option for residents is to pay their bills through their personal online bank accounts. Unfortunately, your bank will withdraw these funds immediately from your account, but the will physically issue and mail a check to the Town without your remittance copy. This then creates additional manpower to manually match these checks to any number of outstanding bills and then manually post these accounts. These checks can take as long as 5-7 days for the Town to receive, which then in some cases causes bill payments to be past due, accruing interest.

In an effort to better service the public, please consider using the Town’s Online payment service. Not only is it quick, but it will reduce administrative cost and ensure that your payment is posted promptly and accurately.


Name Contact
Margaret (Peggy) McLoughlin Treasurer/Collector 978-468-5575
Susan Bateman Assistant Treasurer/Collector 978-468-5575