COMPOST: Your Green Compost bin MUST remain out with your black Trash barrel in order for the trash to be picked up. If the Compost has been collected before the Trash, do not remove the Green Compost bin from the curb, even if the weather is windy or rainy, until all trash has been taken. The people on the Trash truck do not know that the compost has already been collected; they will not pick up the trash if the Green bin is not there and instead will leave an orange violation sticker on the Trash barrel.
Residents that share a driveway with other households are advised to paint their house number on both the black Trash barrel and the Green Compost bin.
TRASH OVERFLOW: The lid on the black Trash barrel must be able to close, no overflow aka “snow coning” allowed. The people on the Trash truck will not take the trash and instead will leave an overflow sticker. Blue bags must be purchased for excess trash; these are sold at Crosby’s, Hamilton Convenience, and Aubuchon. Thank you.
This policy, approved by the Select Board on December 12, 2020, started on February 1, 2021.  Read the Organics-Ban-policy here