The Town of Hamilton has hired Utile Architecture and Planning – a consulting firm that has experience working with communities on zoning and development issues – to develop a form-based code for the downtown area. A form-based code is a type of zoning code that focuses on the shape and character of buildings.

The public is encouraged to participate by attending meetings, taking surveys, and providing feedback.

Utile has a Hamilton-specific website with a project overview, a look at the process, information about how to get involved, and details about the MBTA Communities Law.

“That is going to be your hub for information throughout the entire process,” Zoe Taft Mueller, an Associate Project Manager and Principal Senior Urban Planner at Utile said during last week’s ‘Challenges and Opportunities Ahead: An Information and Discussion Forum for Hamilton.’

Everything done by Utile during the project will be put there.

“If you miss a meeting, if you hear something and you are not sure if it is right, this is where you should go to find out,” Mueller said.

The next public meeting will be a workshop in mid-July to get ideas about the public’s vision for downtown. Another engagement event is planned for September with feedback on the draft version planned for late fall.

There is a section on the website to receive email alerts about development during the project, including draft recommendations, survey releases, or a new engagement tool.