FLU VACCINATION RECORD: If you received a flu vaccination in 2020 at a clinic hosted by the Town of Hamilton and would like written proof of vacination: Contact AFC Urgent Care, Dodge Street, Beverly, Massachusetts. Phone Number: 978 922-2171; then 0 for the Operator. You will need to provide personal information prior to the release of the record.



These documents provide information on the Flu including prevention and clinics that treat patients:

CVS Minute Clinics

Insurance, MIIS, and VIS Forms:

Influenz (Flu) Vaccine (Inactivated) – Vaccine Information Statement

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine (live, Intransal) – Vaccine Information Statement

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine 2019-2020 Consent, Screening and Insurance Information Form

MIIS – Mass. Immunization Information System (Fact Sheet for Parents and Patients)

MIIS – Sharing your Immunization Information – Objection Form


Flu Prevention and Control (DPH)

Flu Info from CDC (Center for Disease Control)

FLU – What you can do!