First Adopted – July 1955
Revised Fully – May 1965

Reprinted – Sept. 1971

Amended – May 1980
Amended – Feb. 1981
Amended – Aug. 1982
Amended – Nov. 1984
Amended – Jan. 1985
Amended – Feb. 1989
Amended – Jan. 1990
Amended – June 1990
Amended – Aug. 1999
Amended – Sept. 2001
Amended – Sept. 2005


Sections I – III

I. Authority

II. Procedures for Subdivision of Land

a. General

b. Steps

III. General

a. Definitions

b. Plan Believed Not to Require Approval

Section IV

IV. Submission and Action

a. Preliminary Plan

1. Submission

2. Contents

3. Approval or Disapproval

b. Definitive Plan

1. Submission

2. Contents

3. Accompanying Statements and Data

4. Review by Board of Health and other Town Officials; Consultant Review

5. Public Hearing

6. Performance Guarantee

7. Approval, Endorsement, and Recording

8. Evidence of Satisfactory Performance

9. Release of Performance Guarantee

10. Digital Data Requirements

Section V

V. Design Standards

a. Suitability

1. Soil and Drainage

2. Natural Features

b. Conformance with General Plan

c. Streets

1. Location 22

2. Alignment

3. Widths

4. Grades

5. Dead End Streets

d. Easements

1. Utilities

2. Watercourses

3. Pedestrian Ways and Bridle Paths

e. Utilities

f. Open Spaces

g. Site Plans

h. General – Waivers and Compliance

Section VI

VI. Required Improvements

a. General Rules

b. Preparation of Roadways

c. Roadway Gravel Base

d. Roadway Surface

e. Curbs and Sidewalks

f. Monuments

g. Street Trees

h. Street Signs

i. Cleaning Up

Section VII

VII. Administration

a. Waiver

b. Reference

c. Conform with New Amendments

d. Outside Consultants to Assist Planning Board


Form A Applic. for Endorsement of Plan Believed Not to Require Approval
Form B Application for Approval of Definitive Plan
Form C Inspection Form
Form D Typical Street Cross-Sections
Form F Covenant
Form G Performance Bond: Secured by Passbook
Form H Certificate of Notice to Town clerk of Approval of Definitive Plan
Form I Notice to Town Clerk of Disapproval of a Definitive Subdivision Plan
Form J Request by Applicant for Extension of Time
Form K Release of Covenant or Partial Release of Covenant